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StowAway Drawer

StowAway Drawers ride on extruded aluminum rails with nylon guides. These rails are part of a frame that attaches to the underside of the truck tool box. Installation is made easier because the attachment bolts are located in T-slots and can be placed anywhere along the rail so that only the width between mounting holes is important, and a template is provided to facilitate mounting hole location. The drawers themselves are made from .063” thick bright diamond plate aluminum. The door is made from .100” thick diamond plate aluminum welded to the drawer with a continuous aluminum hinge. The door incorporates a spring loaded latch mechanism lockable with the same key, if desired, as our Full Access Truck Tool Boxes. The hinged door can be used in the hinged condition, or it can be fastened shut and used in the closed condition. In both cases it remains lockable.

StowAway Drawer end view

Pullout Trays are made from .100” 5052 alloy aluminum alloy and ride on aluminum extruded rails with nylon guides. The rails are mounted to inside walls of the drawer with stainless steel screws and self locking nuts and there is sufficient space to mount one Pullout Tray over the other if desired.

Dividers for both drawers and trays are made from .100” 5052 alloy aluminum alloy. They are fastened into the drawers and trays using 3M® VHB® (Very High Bond) Tape (supplied). In industry this tape take the place of rivets, spot welds, and other permanent fasteners and so when positioning these dividers great care must be taken to place them in their final positions.