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Full Access Truck Tool Boxes Combination Interiors with bins
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Combination with Bins Interiors

Full Access® truck tool boxes and their shelves were intentionally designed to accept polypropylene bins. Polypropylene bins are the standard for organization of small parts and hardware in all industries. Unlike restricted conventional boxes, the open construction of Full Access® truck tool boxes allows us to take full advantage of these versatile storage containers. They are available in sizes 1 through 6 and all are easily removed from the tool box, so you can take them where you need them. Except for our largest bin (size 6) they are available with optional clear acrylic hinged lids. The uppermost tier of boxes (for sizes 1 and 2) is hung firmly in the upper extension of the Tool Bit and Pencil Tray. The thickness of this receiver area has been sized to create a press fit for attachment of bins and they will not come off while driving on even the roughest road.