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Full Access Truck Tool Boxes -Mounting
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Toolbox Mounting

Full Access® truck tool boxes mount very easily to System One® ladder racks. No drilling into the rack or truck is necessary. You simply slide the carriage bolts (provided) into the T-slot in the System One® Pick-up Trak®. The pre-punched toolbox mounting holes line up with the bolts in the Trak and the box is lowered over the studs and fastened there. The inner portion of the box is suspended using tool box hangers eliminating the need for support legs which obstruct cargo. Drill point centering indents are provided on the box ends. These indents are aligned with holes on the inside of the box. All you have to do is drill through approximately 1/16 of aluminum to “break into” the hole behind. Instructions tell you which of the holes to use for your application. On trucks with other ladder racks or no racks at all, toolbox legs are used. These legs are made from 3/8” x 2” aluminum and are fastened to the toolbox ends as described above and to the floor of the truck. When mounting these truck boxes on System One® ladder racks, no drilling into the truck or rack is necessary. The outer edge of the toolbox has pre-punched mounting holes and is bolted directly to the T-slot in the System One® Trak with the provided carriage bolts. The inner portion is suspended using a tool box hanger attached to the gusset of the rack. This arrangement eliminates the need for support legs attached to the floor of the truck bed and provides a completely clear, unobstructed floor area. This is especially important when transporting plywood and sheet rock.