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Enclosed Body racks are available in Contractor Rig® and Utility Rig™ versions.

Racks for Enclosed Bodies are designed to mount to any flat surface. They can be used in any number of other applications where a flat, structural surface exists. It is recommended that these racks mount on Utility Traks to distribute the weight more evenly and to provide more rigidity. Further, the truck body itself must be strong enough to support the weight of the rack and any anticipated cargo. These racks are typically wider than van racks, so stiffening ribs attached to the under side of crossmembers are often installed for higher capacity. I.T.S.® series brackets are used so adding Work winches® at any time is easy.

Enclosed body
3 Truss Utility Rig
starting at $396.00
Enclosed body
2 Truss Utility Rig
starting at $264.00
Enclosed body Contractor Rig
starting at $634.00
Enclosed Body Contractor Rig
with Work Winches
starting at $853.00