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Utility Rig ladder rack for enclosed body trucks / box trucks
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Utility Rigs™ for Enclosed Body Trucks

Utility Rigs™ for enclosed body trucks feature free-standing trusses with Surface-mount I.T.S.® brackets. Any number of trusses can be used and are usually mounted on our Utility Traks for rigidity. Utility Traks are available in lengths of 8 ft., 9 ft, 11 ft. and 113 ft. Utility Traks are recommended but, depending on the roof structure, they may or may not be needed. In all cases the body itself must be strong enough to support the rack and any anticipated cargo. Crossmember sizes vary depending on the width of the rack you specify. If you are using Traks, just measure where you want the outside-to-outside edges of the Trak to be on the body. If you are not using Traks, measure the outside-to-outside distance where you want the I.T.S.® brackets to be. We will calculate the correct crossmember size using the dimensions you provide. Stiffening ribs are recommended for racks over 70" wide. They attach to the underside of each crossmember to minimize deflection, roughly doubling the capacity of the crossmembers. For more details about Utility Rigs™ for enclosed bodies go to our "Features" page.