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Full Access Truck Tool Boxes Divider Interiors
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Full Access Truck Tool Box Divider Interiors

Nothing organizes and allows access to your power tools better than dividers. Prior to the development of Full Access® Truck Tool Boxes, interiors like these were impossible due to small, restrictive door openings. Now you can store drills, screw guns, saws, pneumatic nailers and virtually all of your tools vertically and individually. Cords don’t tangle, tools don’t get buried, equipment doesn’t get damaged. These dividers can be positioned anywhere, using the T -slots along the back rails to accommodate tools of any width. With a just a pair of shelf brackets mounted to a pair of dividers you can store a tool below and keep a plastic bin (possibly for that tool’s accessories) above it and in the same compartment. Dividers also serve as shelf ends. They are punched for 7 different levels for shelves. Dividers are constructed from 1/8” (.125”) 5052 alloy aluminum and are supplied with stainless steel fasteners.