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Full Access Truck Tool Box Features - Interior
Torsion Lock™ Stainless
Steel RodsTorsion Lok™ Stainless Steel Rods

These rods rotate 90 degrees with the latch handle and draw in and lock the ends of the tool box lid in the same manner as the rear doors of a tractor trailer or an overseas shipping container locks. The torsion is applied during the last few degrees of closure and provides an extremely tight lock on the ends of the boxes.
Polypropylene Plastic Bins
(optional)""Polypropylene Plastic Bins (optional)

Polypropylene bins are the standard for versatility and organization of small parts and hardware. Previously, they were impractical to use in topside tool boxes–again because of limited access. With Full Access™ Tool Boxes you can build your own interior and take full advantage of the versatility of these bins. They are offered in six sizes of various depths, widths and heights, four of which are available with clear acrylic lids.
Shelves (optional)""Shelves (optional)

Shelves are constructed from 1/8” (.125) 5052 alloy aluminum and are available in various lengths and in 2 widths. The deeper shelf, 12“, fits in either of the three lower sets of mounting holes in the dividers. The narrower shelf, 10-5/8“, can be mounted in any of the 7 sets of mounting holes in the dividers. They can be installed with the lip up or down. Each shelf is sold with a pair of shelf brackets and 8 stainless steel carriage bolts, nuts and lock washers.
Center Latch and CatchCenter Latch and Catch

The center latch works with the two outer locks providing a three point locking system. As the latch is closed the lower portion of the latch engages the center catch holding the center portion of the box lid secure.
Pre-Punched Mounting Holes""Pre-Punched Mounting Holes

These oblong holes facilitate installation. When used with System One Racks no holes need to be drilled in the rack or the truck. The box bolts directly to the System One Trak. In other applications, holes need to be drilled into the bed rail of the truck. The alignment of holes and the adjustment of the box is made easier due to the oblong holes provided in the box floor.
(optional)""Dividers (optional)

Vertical dividers are the key to organization and efficiency. Especially useful for power tools, dividers keep your tools separate, untangled, and easily accessed. They are infinitely adjustable along their T-slot mounting rails so they can be sized to fit whatever tool, plastic bin or storage need you have. Dividers are completely impractical in conventional truck tool boxes due to their limited vertical access. With Full Access™ truck boxes, you can take advantage of 100% vertical access, keeping power tools and other equipment in their own individual compartments. Dividers are made from 1/8” 5052 aluminum, are pre-punched for 7 different height adjustments for our shelves and come with stainless steel fasteners. Dividers also double as shelf ends, allowing for variability in the side-to-side placement of shelf units.
Interior Mounting
Rails""Interior Mounting Rails

Our Mounting Rails with T-slots allow dividers and shelf units to be infinitely adjustable along their entire length. They accommodate regular 1/4" carriage bolts which allows you to not only mount dividers and shelf units but also any other hangers, hardware, etc. you may wish to.
Gas Spring Lid Supports""Gas Spring Lid Supports

Gas springs have revolutionized the design of doors in the transportation industry. They are positioned so that the lid remains closed when unlocked and then, only a slight upward lift is required to open it. When the lid is completely open there is significant extra force keeping it there. Nothing is more annoying than a lid that creeps down when opened. If one of our gas springs ever fails to hold the lid up at all times, we will send a replacement free of charge.
Proprietary Latch Mechanism""Proprietary Latch Mechanism

Since latches and hinges are where most truck tool boxes fail, we spared no expense in design and materials to build the best, most practical latch possible. These latches are not mass produced like all other latches. They are made one at a time here in our shop, using our own custom designed aluminum and stainless steel parts, and checked, one at a time, for quality and accuracy. They are big, robust and made to last a lifetime.
Tool Bit and Pencil Tray""Tool Bit and Pencil Tray

Everyone knows that small items like screwdriver bits, drill bits, pencils, markers, etc. find their way to the bottom when placed in a tool box. In fact, there are a lot of these small items hidden behind the door sill on the floor of most conventional boxes. The Tool Bit and Pencil Tray solves that problem once and for all. If you place your 1/4" hex driver in the tray it will be there when you need it again.